Swivel 60

The Bouncepad Swivel 60 acts as a powerful focal point for displaying bright content. Its rotating mounting arm makes sharing information with customers easy and engaging. Rotation is set at 270 degrees as standard, or can be limited to 180 or 90 degrees.

  • – Encourages focused interaction

  • – Rotating mounting arm prompts engagement
  • – Mount in an orderly row to create an iPad browsing bar
  • – Cables neatly stored inside to keep your device powered
  • – Can be mounted in portrait or landscape depending on your content

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Tablet compatibility

This product is compatible with many tablets, large and small. For optimal fit with your tablet, we have four different enclosure sizes. You can see the full compatibility details below. Please note: selecting your tablet when you add an item to your basket will automatically assign the correct case type.

Colour options



Faceplate options

Covered Home Button & covered front camera

Exposed Home Button & exposed front camera

Cable: is not included

Focused angle

When mounted to your surface, the Bouncepad Swivel 60 won’t budge. Encouraging focused interaction, the rotating Mounting Arm makes sharing content with customers easy and engaging.

Browsing bar

Mounted in an orderly row on your exhibition stand, an installation of Swivel 60’s is the perfect line up for your iPad browsing bar.

Durable design

Impressive engineering built to withstand vigorous, daily use without supervision.

Smart power options

Run your cables through the inside of your Bouncepad to keep your device powered minus the messy cabling.

Portrait or landscape

The Swivel 60 case can be mounted in portrait or landscape, making it adaptable to the needs of your content.

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