Bouncepad is the global market leader in tablet kiosks & stands since 2011, renowned for high quality products & excellent customer service. We are everywhere. You will find Bouncepad products all around the world, in the most iconic places, in your favourite shop, museum, ice-cream van and cafe. From our London HQ we forge global partnerships. The
Bouncepad team designs, markets, sells, assembles and ships all our products.

 Our product team designs with empathy to create useful, beautiful products used by millions of people while they work, shop, learn and play. Our customer service team works closely with brands and software providers to support large-scale roll-outs or to modify our products for their specific needs. Our warehouse crew assembles, configures and packs your products to the highest standard, ready to be shipped around the world.

If you are looking for high quality tablet kiosks you are in the right place! Have a browse around our shop and get in touch if you have any questions. Our customer service people will be delighted to discuss your project and answer all your queries.

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