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Bouncepad - iPad Kiosk Stand for Self-Service

Flip with Card Reader Mount

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The Bouncepad Flip is a secure, freestanding iPad kiosk stand which sits elegantly on your counter, table or desk. Flip the screen to switch between customer and staff interaction.

Excellent for self-ordering efficiency, the Universal Card Reader Mount is your go-to tool for converting your iPad into a streamlined self-service payment station. Elevate your customer experience by enabling them to navigate your products, make selections, and conduct transactions effortlessly.

Supporting a wide range of USB-powered card readers, attach your card reader using the included 3M double-sided adhesive foam tape. The Flip tablet stand is compatible with most iPad, Samsung and Microsoft tablets.

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Tech Specs

  • Secure

    Lock your tablet inside the enclosure using the lock and key system.

  • Card Reader Mount

    Compatible with all USB-powered card readers.

  • Durable

    Impressive engineering built to withstand vigorous, daily use.

  • Multi-Tablet

    Compatible with most tablets big and small.

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  • Card Reader Universal

    Use the 3M self-adhesive pad to secure any USB powered card reader, big or small.

  • Clever Cable Management

    USB power cables are routed through the enclosure to keep your counter top clutter free.

  • Browsing Bar

    Arranged neatly in a row on your counter, a lineup of iPad kiosk stands provides the ideal setup for your iPad browsing bar.

  • Simple Installation

    No need to outsource a handyman for assembly. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions for a fuss-free installation.

  • Robust engineering

    The Flip has been engineered to withstand vigorous day-to-day usage.

  • Screen Sharing

    The weighted base and skilfully engineered hinge lets you share the screen between sales person and customer with a smooth flipping motion.

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iPad Kiosk Stand for Self-Service

Beauty, functionality, versatility, and resilience – that's what our secure tablet and iPad Kiosk Stand promises. Mount your Bouncepad securely on any surface, be it a table, desk, or counter. The lockable enclosure ensures your tablet stays safe, charged, and with cables neatly tucked away.

  • Fast and free delivery

  • 36 month warranty

  • Multi tablet

  • 30 day return policy

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