Since the first iPad was launched in April 2010, businesses have been using tablets to improve operations and empower employees, becoming a ubiquitous tool in business operations.

In shops, hotels, galleries and office spaces – Bouncepad products put tablets on the frontline in aesthetically curated, customer facing environments, in retail, hospitality, events and office spaces. They queue bust, provide product information and guide visitors, check in guests and control meeting rooms.

But what about those all-important back of house operations? That’s where our new Utility Line range comes in…

Whether it’s in your warehouse, commercial kitchen or office, Utility Line will offer a variety of adjustable tablet mounts and stands that provide the ideal setup for your team to operate their device in comfort.

Grip is our first collection of products within the Utility Line range, a fully adjustable tablet mounting system with three points of articulation, three mounting options and two sizes, compatible with all tablets big and small.

The system is comprised of carbon fibre mounting arms with machined aluminium knuckles that make Grip strong and lightweight. Available in two sizes to accommodate compact spaces and those that require a little more reach.

The three points of articulation allow you to configure the tablet at the ideal height and angle for perfect interaction, allowing your team to customize their setup for comfort and ease of use.

The adjustable tray accommodates all tablets big and small, including the iPad Mini, iPad Pro, and everything in between.

With its fully adjustable ergonomic design and versatile functionality, the Utility Line Grip is the ideal solution for businesses looking to improve their productivity and enhance their back of house operations.

Grip is available in 6 different configurations. Checkout the full range here.

  • Grip-CD140

    Regular price $150.00
    Regular price $200.00 Sale price $150.00
  • Grip-CD400

    Regular price $165.00
    Regular price $220.00 Sale price $165.00
  • Grip-WD140

    Regular price $157.50
    Regular price $210.00 Sale price $157.50
  • Grip-WD400

    Regular price $172.50
    Regular price $230.00 Sale price $172.50